OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m so proud of my youngest daughter, Julia. She just had her first art show. She’s an incredible self-taught make-up artist and photographer. Not only does she take beautiful digital pictures, she works with a good old fashioned film camera, then develops the pictures herself in the darkroom!!! And she’s only 17! Oh…. and she’s her own model. “She does selfies”.

The featured photos are part of her display called Breaking Free. We wrote the accompanying poem:

I learn.small

Hidden behind masks

Being what I need to be.

Acting. Pretending.

Saying what I’m told to say.

Thinking how I’m told to think.

I am the prisoner and the captor.

I have two choices: To remain or to break free.IMG_0385small

But what is beyond the mask?

Who would I be?

Am I courageous enough to discover me??

The Real Me?

I break down the walls that hold me back.

I claw. I cry. I scream.

It isn’t easy.IMG_0535small

The world doesn’t want the Real Me.

The world is afraid to see.

And yet, I am . . .

bold, strong, determined and free.

I am . . .