I truly thought I was done with this rant.

But clearly, I’m not.

I’m tired of people writing things such as, “You’re attracting ‘haters’ because it is your trigger. It’s your wound. It’s where you’re vibrating. It’s your frequency.”

Although there is truth in that we teach people how to treat us — this theory really only applies to people in our lives. People we know. We can only teach our family, friends, and co-workers how to treat us by what we’ll allow.

But we can’t teach strangers on Facebook, visitors to our blogs, or smart-asses on our “youtube” channel how to treat us.

We can only shut the door to their inappropriate behavior. (And then we are teaching them, while honoring ourselves.)

For God’s Sake, Jesus was crucified — hung on a cross. Forced to carry it on his bleeding back. Whipped. Spit on. Nails through his hands and feet. Left to die. Did he attract that because he was self-loathing??? Bad frequency??? Wounded Soul???

People, seriously. To suggest that we are attracting the mean, spiteful, jealous words of a stranger is unfair.

(And no, LOL, this didn’t just happen to me … although it has in the past. I was actually just reading a post from someone else who expressed these sentiments, only to read someone else comment that she basically attracted it because of her “frequency”.)

Here’s what I will guarantee:

Put yourself out there in this world; really show yourself — ALL OF YOURSELF . . . YOUR TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF –- and you will get tons of people who love you and some who hate you.

If-you-want-to-avoidSome, who hide behind their computer with malice intent, will find you. Maybe they are afraid and wounded and your magnificence terrifies them. Maybe, deep down, they want what you have and they attracted you into their lives to show them.

Not sure?

Maybe God gave the world free-will – contrast – to help us decide what kind the life we want. To be our own creator.

Here’s what I know:

The haters can help you love yourself, regardless. (i.e. If I can love me even though you don’t, I’m okay.)

The lovers can help you love yourself, regardless. (Wow! I’m on to something here. I’m just being me, and being me is acceptable.)

But by not reacting to either, is actually empowered.

I am who I am.

You are who you are.

“To thine own Self be true.”

And oh ya — just block them on Facebook.

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