Letting go can be a scary thing. I know! But, after ten years of teaching my world-renowned 12-Week Total Transformation TeleCourse, I feel that it is time to let it go.

Over the last decade, I’ve witnessed thousands of women radically transform their lives (their bodies, health, love life, and income) using these unique techniques of mine. Women who tell me these 12 weeks offered them so much more than even 20 years of therapy!

And although I’m sad that it’s coming to an end, I know it’s time to let it go to focus on my new book (The Emotional Edge), and all the new opportunities coming into my life. I have to make room! It’s a good thing!

So today, I want to invite you to experience this epic course one last time. I guarantee it will be my best ever! The 12-Week Total Transformation TeleCourse begins next Wednesday, May 21st.

Won’t you join me? www.swatinstitute.com/12week_telecourse

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If you aren’t sure what The 12-Week Total Transformation TeleCourse will do for you, take a listen to the free information call I’m holding on Tuesday at 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT.

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Maybe now is the time for you and me to make history together! I would love to spend this final TeleCourse with you!

Talk to you Tuesday!